If you’ve been waiting for the release of the Sig Sauer P322, you’re not alone. This American-made pistol has the highest capacity and is the most advanced in its class. It’s ready and available for purchase at Delray Shooting Center.

The long-awaited follow-up to the Sig Sauer P320, this version has tons of updates and features, and pistol lovers are here for it.

Check it out.

Sig Sauer P322 Features: There’s Nothing Missing Here

Made in New Hampshire by Sig Sauer, the new P322 features a 20+1 round capacity that is unmatched in its class. And that’s just for starters. The P322 also boasts a ton of high-end features, including these:

  • 20-round magazine capacity
  • Optic-ready removable rear sight plate ( add your ROMEOZero red dot optic, no adapter plates required)
  • Suppressor ready out of the box
  • Threaded barrel adaptor
  • Ambidextrous controls
  • Reversible magazine catch
  • Flat and curved triggers included
  • Fiber optic sights (front and rear)

What makes this model even better is that the price for the Sig Sauer P322 is more economical than most Sigs. It is accessible for any budget, which is an added bonus given all that this pistol can do.

Here at Delray, we do sell the P322 along with dozens of other Sig Sauer models and lots of accessories to go with it, including ammo. However, this gun is in high demand and it may be necessary to get on a waiting list to get the next batch. Call now to discuss your options.

Comparing the Sig P322 to the Sig P320

If you have the Sig P320, do you need the Sig P322? The two guns are very different. When it comes to the P320, it’s highly customizable so you can choose from different optics, barrel lengths, frame sizes, and more as you build the right pistol for your needs.

The P320 is the go-to model for law enforcement across the country and the military. It’s got great accuracy, and it’s reliable. It has a safety system that can’t be beat, with a striker safety as well as a disconnect safety, and a 3-point takedown safety that means you will never again pull the trigger in order to take apart your handgun.

The Sig P320 is also much more expensive than the all new Sig P322, which puts it out of reach for many.

When it comes to affordability, flexibility, and capacity, the Sig Sauer P322 can’t be beat.

Are You Ready to Get Your Sig P322?

We’ve got you covered. Come see us at Delray Shooting Center to purchase your own Sig Sauer P322 and the ammo to go with it. Then, try it out in one of our 15 pistol lanes. We’re open 7 days a week.