Variety is a lot of fun in everyday life and at the gun range. As you look for fun guns to shoot, know that one person’s favorite may be the one you like least, and the gun you love to shoot may not be nearly as fun to someone else.

Take some time to experiment with a few of the different options listed below to find the coolest firearm at the shooting range for you.

Coolest Target Practice Guns

The best guns for target practice can be any one of a number of different styles of guns. Handguns, shotguns, assault rifles — they are all fun to experiment with at the range, especially when your goal is to improve your marksmanship.

The coolest target practice gun for you will be the one that helps you to feel more confident, increases your accuracy, and feels “right.”

Fun Handguns to Shoot

The best handguns for target shooting are also some of the most fun handguns to shoot in any context. The Ruger 22 is great to bring to the range because it has excellent accuracy and will help you improve your marksmanship better than almost any other gun.

The Colt 1911 is another great choice for handguns at the range. Though it has a little more kick, it is very easy to use with a comfortable grip and easy handling.

Best Shotguns to Shoot at the Range

Shotguns are the gun of choice when it comes to picking up a gun at the range to shoot rather than bringing your own. One of the most commonly found options is the Mossberg 500, which is inexpensive and great for hunting. Using this shotgun at the range will help you to improve your accuracy when out in the field.

The Winchester Super X Pump is another inexpensive shotgun option that is easily found at the range as well as fun to shoot. It offers great versatility, and Winchesters are always a great choice.

Coolest Assault Rifles to Shoot at the Range

If you’re more interested in an assault rifle for your trip to the range, you’ll definitely have some fun options to choose from. Some great options include the ArmaLite AR-15, which set the standard for the assault rifle back in the day, and the AK-47, a powerful gun. Though the ArmaLite AR-15 is available at almost all shooting ranges, the AK-47 may be a bit harder to come by.

The Best Range Gun for You

When it comes to finding the best range gun for you, all it takes is to show up and start firing. Start with a handgun and then explore your options in shotguns before moving on to an assault rifle. Take some time to determine which option gives you the best accuracy and feels the most comfortable to handle.

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