Aimpoint is the creator of the original red dot sight. It has the respect of marksmen all over the world.

The company offers more than half a dozen different sight series to choose from. They are always working to improve and make updated versions available at a range of price points.

The latest innovation was released in January of this year: the Aimpoint Duty RDS. This is a long-awaited red dot sight that is affordable as well as functional.

New Aimpoint Duty RDS

One of the Aimpoint new releases for 2022 is the Aimpoint Duty RDS. This powerful version of the red dot sight is at the most accessible price point available, something that has been requested for years.

The Aimpoint Duty RDS was designed to help modern law enforcement officers be more efficient on the job. It’s compact, it’s high-grade, and it provides a 2 MOA dot that is perfect for targets that are within short to medium range.

But it’s not just for law enforcement. It can help every marksman hit their target more accurately and more often.

New Generations of Aimpoint Optic Series

At Delray, we sell all the latest models in each of the following designs:

  • Acro Series: There are so many benefits to this series, designed to be compact but tough. Get 5 years from one battery, change that battery easily, and withstand heavy recoils with any sight in this series. Most models can even be submerged up to 25 meters.
  • Hunter Series: If you prefer a traditional design, this series is for you. Sights in this series have 2 MOA red dot size to improve accuracy, transparent lens covers for fast response, and a 30 mm to 34 mm tube depending on the model. They are available in short or long versions.
  • Micro Series: This series focuses on durability and versatility. It includes a rugged design, lots of mounting solutions so it will fit most firearms, flip-up lens covers, and the option to use it as a secondary optic. It is compatible with all generations NVD.
  • 9000 Series: The 9000 is a classic series that has a 2-ring mounting system and the option to mount for left-hand or right-hand users. It also boasts 2 MOA red dot size, 30 mm tube, and 5 years constant on single type 2L76 or DL1/3N battery. Plus, it is available in a long or short version.
  • Comp Series: This site series is perfect for longer range shooting. It’s compatible with all generations NVD, and it comes in a standard, ready-to-use configuration.
  • MPS Series: This series is also designed for use at longer ranges and created for use in military settings. Note: An export license/end-user certificate is required for this series.
  • FCS Series: This series is designed for use with vehicle-mounted weapons and designed to help eliminate targeting errors. It has airburst capability, thermal capability, and nighttime capability. Note: An export license/end-user certificate is required for this series.

Get Your New Aimpoint Red Dot at Delray

At Delray Shooting Center, we have everything you need to get out on the lanes and start shooting. And we have the Aimpoint Red Dot series in stock! Come down and check everything out.