Safety comes first when outfitting yourself with must-have gun range accessories. Cool additions that make shooting more fun come next.

Check out the best gun range accessories for you when you head to the shooting range.

Best Gun Range Accessories for Ear Protection

Gun ranges are loud, and shooting a gun puts that noise right next to your ears. Protect your hearing with these options:

  • Foam earplugs: A cheap option at under $15 for about 50, foam ear plugs are an easy fix, but for many people, they may not provide enough protection.
  • Earmuffs: A better option that provides more protection is ear muffs. They go over the ear and shut out most of the noise, protecting your hearing and increasing your ability to focus. These come in a range of options, ranging from the more affordable to the very expensive. Generally, the more you spend, the more protective they are.
  • Doubling up: Many people prefer to use ear plugs along with their ear muffs in order to get better protection. This is a great choice when opting for cheaper ear muffs as they can increase the ear protection for a lower cost.

Check out Axil TRACKR or 3M Peltor Optime if you are only shooting handguns.

Best Eye Protection Accessories for the Gun Range

Eye protection is the next must-have when it comes to gun range accessories. Any eye goggles or glasses will be helpful, but they should be large enough to go over prescription lenses if needed. It’s best to choose a pair that are comfortable and military-rated for protection like any of the Wiley X Saber advanced shooting glasses.

Must-Have Gun Accessories

  • Gun cleaning kit: For optimum care and function, keeping your gun clean is a must. While there are a lot of cleaning kits to choose from, the GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is a great choice for a wide range of weapons.
  • Screwdriver/Allen key combo: It’s always when you’re at the range and ready to shoot that you notice a loose screw or it’s time to change out a component. Make sure you’re ready with something like the Stanley All-in-One, so you have what you need to make repairs quickly.
  • Targets: Of course, paper targets come with the lane when you go to the shooting range, but they can be hard to see from far away. Bringing your own target gives you more options, like the Shoot-N-C targets that pop a bright color when you hit them and come with black stickers for multiple uses.

Find the Right Gun Accessories for You

No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you find it at Delray Shooting Center. Come down to check out your options and find the right accessories for your needs.