To get a concealed weapon license, also known as a concealed carry permit, in Florida, you must be at least 21 years old and prove competency with a firearm. It takes about 90 days to process your application and receive your license.

We’ve outlined the step-by-step process below so you’ll know exactly what to do.

Steps to Get a Concealed Weapons License in Florida

  1. Ensure you are eligible. Various things can make you ineligible for a concealed weapons license in Florida. Take this quiz from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to determine if you are eligible.
  2. Take a firearms course. Florida requires that all applicants complete an approved firearms training course. Many courses are designed for experienced gun owners and focus on the specifics required for a concealed carry permit. If you’re new to gun ownership, consider a more comprehensive course that covers all aspects of gun safety and handling.
  3. Schedule your application appointment. You can schedule an appointment at a Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services office or a tax collector office that accepts concealed carry permit applications. You can also easily submit your application online.
  4. Gather necessary documents. You’ll need to bring or submit a valid ID (driver’s license or state-issued identification card) as well as a certificate of completion from your firearms training course.
  5. Fulfill fingerprint and photo requirements. If you apply in person, staff will take your fingerprints and photo during your appointment. If you apply online, you’ll need to submit a passport-style photo, and you’ll need to have your fingerprints taken by a law enforcement agency within 90 days.Almost all of Florida’s 67 county sheriffs’ offices offer electronic fingerprint scanning services. Some local police departments offer it, so call ahead to see if this service is available and if you need an appointment. We also offer fingerprinting services here at Delray Shooting Center.

Your fingerprints will be used for a background check, ensuring you are eligible for a concealed carry permit in Florida.

  1. Pay the application fee. For a Florida resident, this is $97 ($55 for the license fee and $42 for a fingerprint processing fee). Florida residents will pay $45 for a concealed weapon license renewal.For an out-of-state resident, the initial fee is also $97, but the renewal fee is $87.If you apply in person, you’ll pay your application fee then. If you apply online, you’ll pay when you submit your application.
  2. Wait 90 days. If your application is approved, you’ll be notified by mail.

Get the Training You Need for a Concealed Carry Permit

At Delray Shooting Center, we offer three concealed weapons courses that cover everything you need to apply for your concealed carry permit in Florida.

For our Concealed Weapon Class, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to safely load, unload, and shoot your weapon. If you’re a beginner, our beginner Concealed Weapon Class is right for you. We’ll cover all these basics in addition to the necessary information for your concealed carry permit.

Contact us today to get started.



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