Finding a good gun safety class can take some work. Whatever people’s personal opinions on gun ownership and gun rights, one area of common ground are that guns should be used safely. Whether you’re looking into owning a gun for self-defense or just looking to do some training at a range, making sure you know how to use one safely is the first step to take.

A Gun Safety Class or Private Instruction taught by a competent instructor should give you the guidance and lessons you need to use a firearm safely. Before deciding upon a gun safety class, you should look into what the course teaches and make sure it covers some fundamental points on firearm safety.

Here is what should be taught in a worthwhile gun safety class:

Pointing The Muzzle In The Correct Direction

To experienced gun owners, this step will sound simple, but one of the most important lessons any gun safety course should teach is how to point the muzzle of a gun in the right direction. 

It may sound like common sense, but pointing a firearm in the wrong direction can have fatal consequences; it’s imperative for anyone holding or using a gun that the muzzle is pointed to where it should be.

How To Load/Unload A Gun

Loading and unloading a gun is relatively simple once you get the hang of it. It’s essential for a beginner using a firearm to know how to load/unload one safely. Mistakes do happen, and safety is paramount.

The first rule is to treat every gun as it’s loaded; this minimizes the chance of an accident happening. Never point a gun at anything you aren’t willing to shoot.

Keeping Your Finger Off The Trigger Until You’re Ready To Shoot 

The next step, any worthwhile gun safety course, should teach to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Like pointing the muzzle of a gun in the wrong direction, having your finger on the trigger before you’re prepared to shoot can have fatal consequences. 

When you’re handling a gun, the instructor should be able to determine your competency level with a firearm. If you’re a beginner, then starting with the basics should ensure that you’re ready to use a firearm safely. If you’re an experienced gun owner reminding yourself of the basics is never a bad thing to do.

Where Can I Go for a Gun Safety Class?

Delray Shooting Center is a Palm Beach gun range that offers private Instruction by a trained professional who goes over gun safety and will teach you the fundamental skills you need to use a firearm safely. The objective at the end of any gun safety class should be for the gun user to understand the importance of using a gun safely and be confident in doing so.

By looking out for these steps, you should be in an excellent place to choose the right gun safety class for you.