Anyone looking for the latest innovations in weapons and tactical gear should know the annual SHOT Show is the event that can’t be missed.

This year’s show definitely lived up to its reputation. All major industry manufacturers were on hand to show off what their companies will be bringing to the marketplace in 2022. QVO Tactical was no exception.

QVO Tactical is known for making some of the best holsters on the market. QVO holsters come custom-made for a variety of popular pistols. You can also choose holsters to fit your weapon when outfitted with many of the popular weapon lights.

This means that QVO Tactical has a great relationship with weapon light companies like SureFire, and we all benefit as a result.

Candela Power: All the Lighting Options You Need

The name of the game for SureFire this year is candela power. Candelas are the measurement of how far the light will go effectively.

The SureFire Turbo series has gotten an update to higher candela lenses. The Turbo series will have several options to meet all your lighting needs. There will also be everyday carry options with the EDC1-DFT, and EDC2-DFT. Weapons-mountable options for the Turbo series include the X300T and X400T as well as the Scout Light Pro.

All of these lights have seen an increase to 71,000 candela. They have slimmed-down heads, making them an incredible addition to your weapon.

SureFire: The Long-Awaited XR Series Is Coming Soon

The biggest news from SureFire is the release of the long-awaited XR series of pistol lights later this year.

SureFire has shown these lights at a couple of SHOT Shows in the past, but they are slated to be commercially available before the end of 2022.

The XR series will offer buyers two versions to choose from: the XR-1 is a light-only version and the XR-2 will be a combination light and laser. These pistol lights are both very bright and compact. They feature two 300-lumen lights that are side by side, giving you 600 total lumens. The XR-2 also has the emitter for the laser centered above the two lights.

Additionally, both the XR-1 and XR-2 will have the same dimensions, which means that they will fit in the same holster when attached to your weapon. They both use the same rechargeable battery cartridge that can be removed while the light is still attached to your weapon.

Paired with QVO Tactical holsters designed to hold the XR-1 and the XR-2 with or without the lights attached, the release of the XR series is a can’t-miss event.

While You’re Waiting, Come Down to Delray Shooting Center

While you’re waiting for the release of the XR series, come down to Delray Shooting Center to rent a lane and get in some target practice. We’re open 7 days a week. Come see us now.