When it comes to long-range shooting, rifles are the firearms of choice. Pistols just don’t allow the same level of shooting accuracy for long distances.

While handguns are not as accurate as rifles, you can train for accuracy with pistols at long ranges. Pistols are more accurate at shorter ranges, but you can train to shoot well with a pistol at up to 200 yards.

Which Kind of Pistol Is Meant for Long-Range Shooting?

Pistols aren’t designed for long-range shooting. They are intended to be shot at closer distances, generally 25 to 50 yards at most. Most defensive pistol situations happen between 8 and 20 feet.

However, pistols are able to shoot longer ranges, provided the shooter is properly trained and practices a lot. While you won’t get the same level of accuracy as a rifle, you can improve your pistol long-range shooting if you practice regularly.

Which Pistols Can Shoot Long Ranges?

The Ruger Super Redhawk pistol was designed for use with a scope, so it’s capable of shooting long distances.

The Glock 23, Walther P99, and Les Baer Prowler can shoot accurately up to about 100 yards, with the Walther slightly outperforming the Glock. Of the group, the Les Baer Prowler boasts the best accuracy.

Tips for Long-Range Shooting With Pistols

Again, pistols aren’t intended for long-range shooting. If you are serious about long-range shooting, it’s best if you invest in a rifle, which simply allows for greater precision.

But if you want to be prepared in case you need to use a pistol at long range, you need to train. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Mentally prepare yourself. Your shooting accuracy often comes down to your mental mindset. Believe that you can shoot accuracy at long range, and you’ll have a better chance of doing so.
  • Have a solid position. If you can quickly get into a supported position, this is ideal. Aim for a bone-on-bone supported position. You can accomplish this by kneeling or lying in a prone position.
  • Practice. You’ll only get better at using a pistol for long-range shooting by doing it a lot. Start at 25 feet. Once you hit with accuracy, switch to 50 feet. Continue this progression until you are shooting with accuracy at 75 feet. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to shoot defensively beyond 20 feet, so training up to 75 feet is a good goal.
  • Use a larger backer. When you get into longer ranges, use a larger backer behind your target. This will catch any rounds that miss your target, giving you valuable feedback on the center of your group and where to hold.


Pistol Practice at Delray Shooting Center

You can practice your pistol shooting at Delray Shooting Center. With an annual membership, you get to shoot for free at our pistol and rifle ranges, provided you buy a box of centerfire ammunition.

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