When it comes to shooting ranges, safety is always priority number one. There is a safe way to bring your gun to the range. Proper safety steps must be followed the entire time you are at the range.

We’ve broken down how to carry your gun around a shooting range below.


Can You Bring Your Own Gun to the Shooting Range?

Yes! Most patrons bring their own firearms to the shooting range. At Delray Shooting Center, you can also rent firearms from our wide selection.

Can You Bring Your Own Ammo to a Gun Range?

If you are using your own firearm, you can bring your own ammunition (with the exception of tracer ammunition). If you are renting a firearm, you must purchase ammunition at the range.

Each facility may have slightly different rules regarding prohibited ammunition. Confirm the gun range’s specific policies beforehand.

Secure Your Gun Before You Enter

You should never enter a shooting range or gun store with a firearm in your hand. You absolutely must secure your firearm before you enter the store. Otherwise, employees will likely think the store is being robbed.

To secure your firearm, it must be in a case, holster, or bag rather than in your hands.

When Can I Take My Firearm Out?

You should only remove the gun from the case or bag when you are in the shooting stall, ready to shoot. Otherwise, the firearm needs to remain in the case, bag, or holster.

Each shooting range will have their own specific rules, but virtually all will require that firearms are only out in the shooting stall. This makes it very unlikely that someone’s finger will accidentally be on the trigger, helping to prevent accidental discharges.

If this rule is in place, the shooting stall is the only space where patrons can take their firearms out. Firearms should never be left unattended.


Can You Pass Firearms Between Lanes?

No. If you are using a friend’s gun, you must change lanes, leaving the firearm in the shooting stall. You cannot pass firearms between different shooting stalls.

What if My Gun Malfunctions?

If your firearm malfunctions, leave it in the shooting stall, pointed downrange. Do not bring it to the front desk or anywhere else in the shooting range.

The Importance of Safety

Safety should be the number one priority at every shooting range. As a result, it’s imperative that you only transport firearms as specified in a gun range.

Keep them secured unless you are in the shooting stall, ready to shoot. If you break safety rules at a shooting range, you may be removed from the facility and membership could be revoked.

Contact us at Delray Shooting Center to learn more about our safety policies.