Visiting the shooting range is always a fun activity. How many times you should visit depends on how seriously you take your shooting. Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you get. If you want to get better at shooting, then you’ll want to consider going more frequently. If you’re going to keep it as a casual hobby, then you can go just enough to keep your skills sharp. 

What If You Use A Firearm Regularly?

If you’re a regular firearm user or you are in the military or law enforcement then you should be visiting the range frequently, your profession may have regulations or guidance on how regularly you should be visiting a range. It’s hard to quantify how often you should visit a range as it depends on your own individual aims. If you want to be confident in defending yourself in most situations, then you’ll want to make sure that your shooting accuracy is higher than the average person. 

Most of us can hit a target accurately when we have time to prepare or are under little pressure, in a high-intensity situation though you most likely will not have time to overthink, so reaching a level of proficiency to be able to handle high-pressure situations will require more practice at the range. The amount of time you take practicing the range may also depend on what type of firearm you’ll regularly be using. 

If you know which type of firearm you will regularly be using, then you can look into specialized training for that firearm. The NRA Law Enforcement Training Division recommends that you should dry fire practice three times a week and live-fire practice at least once every two weeks, this should be sufficient to maintain your skills at a consistent level, if you’re really focused on improving your skills then you may want to train more than that or even every day.  

How To Make Shooting Practice Fun Shooting target

Training on your own can sometimes be draining. It requires discipline, showing up regularly and potentially periods of feeling isolated. There are a few ways to make training a little bit more exciting. One of these ways is to join a shooting organization or group. Once you’ve met some people who are also interested in practicing regularly, you can organize regular meet-ups. If you want to make it more competitive then you can look into organizing some competitions or just keep things recreational.

Visit The Professionals 

At Delray Shooting Center you’ll be able to find a full range of firearms to choose from whether you are looking to buy a gun or just rent one. If you don’t have a gun with you or you’re just passing through town, then you can head into the range and try out your preferred gun. 

Our expert professionals can help you decide on what guns best for you, and also share their expertise on how often you should practice and how you can best meet your individual goals.