Trips to the shooting range are always an exciting time. Getting your gun ready and cleaned, your ammo packed and ensuring your eye and ear protection is present and correct are all important parts of the process of getting prepared for a day at the range. After your safety gear is ready, you’ll want to make sure your clothing is comfortable yet safe so you can get maximum enjoyment from your day at the range.

Some places may not require much of a dress code, but it’s essential to make yourself aware of what attire is appropriate regardless, as you’ll want to make sure you stay comfortable throughout the day. It’s also a good idea to call the range prior to your arrival to check if they have a dress code, this will make sure you know exactly what to wear. 

Safety Gear

Before deciding on what clothing you’ll wear, it’s essential you review your safety gear and make sure it’s in working condition before you head to the range. Give your gear an inspection to make sure it’s up to scratch before using it. If you’re unsure if your equipment is up to the mark, then consider replacing it before you head to the range. Be sure to wear appropriate eye and ear protection to make sure they are adequately protected.


Wearing a comfortable well-fitting hat to the range is a must. Not only will a good hat help to keep hair from obstructing your view, but a hat will also keep your skin protected from flying brass. Brimmed hats work well to offer more protection against any hot cartridges that may fly into the air after being ejected.

Shirts and Pants

You’ll want to avoid wearing any shirts that are too baggy as these may hamper your ability to use your firearm correctly and safely. Both guys and girls will want to wear t-shirts or tightly fitted long sleeve shirts that care comfortable yet easily maneuverable. 

The best pants to wear are those which are comfortable and that you are happy to get dirty. If you know that you will be drawing from a holder then it’s you’ll want to wear pants that have belt loops and a sturdy belt. Alternatively, a good pair of cargo shorts with enough space to stash your belongings can also work well.


Safety should always win over style at the shooting range. Delray Shooting Center offers the highest quality safety gear, which will make sure you are protected. Pop into a store or browse our online selection for the very best eye and ear protection money can buy. Make sure not to leave yourself short on your next trip to the range, so you can continue enjoying your firearm with the knowledge that you are adequately protected.