There are a few essential factors to consider before buying headgear for shooting in 2022. The sound of gunfire can affect your hearing and can partially deafen you if you’re not wearing suitable ear protection. So it’s imperative when you’re looking for new headgear that you can consider the safety rating of the headgear and how effective it is at protecting your ears.

Another important factor to consider is cost and to get a clear idea in your mind of how much you want to spend on your new headgear. You should look out for the Noise Reduction Rating (NNR) of a product. The higher the products NNR, the better it is at protecting your ears. So, if you keep a lookout for these things, then you shouldn’t go too far astray in your search for high-quality headgear. 

3 Best Options For Headgear In 2022

As mentioned above, your choice of headgear can be affected by your budget, and there are options available at different ends of the expense scale. For this guide, we’ll take a look at a cheaper option, a mid-range option, and a high-end piece of headgear.

Disposable Ear Plugs

The cheapest option available to you is disposable earplugs. Traditional earplugs fit inside the ear, forming a seal that blocks out sound. The main advantage of earplugs is that they are very inexpensive, highly-effective, and are easy to travel with.

One of the main downsides to disposable earplugs is that some models are difficult to pair with muffs. Also, comfort can vary widely with disposable earplugs.

Howard Leight Impact SportShooting Headgear 2019

Our mid-range market option is the Howard Leight Impact Sport. These muffs are very popular with the shooting community. This headgear is equipped with two directional microphones, one on each ear. What this does is allow you to hear ambient noise, such as human speech very clearly. But any sound louder than 82 decibels, like a gunshot, will be totally blocked out.

Overall, the Howard Leight Impact Sport headgear is an affordable piece of kit, which will fit very comfortably onto your head. 

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X

At the top end of the scale is the MSA Sordin Supre Pro X. This piece of headgear has proven very popular due to its comfort and sound quality. Equipped with gel caps, they stay comfy for hours and also allow for earplugs to be worn underneath. It’s excellent that MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X remains comfortable even with earplugs underneath. When you’re shooting, you want to be doing it in style and comfort while keeping your ears safe

The Final Word

Hopefully, this short guide has given you an idea of what to look out for on the Headgear Market. As always make sure that a piece of headgear is comfortable and will provide you with suitable protection from the noise of gunshots, especially when visiting a shooting range. Follow these two rules, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying high-quality headgear.