According to a recent poll, US citizens are amongst the most stressed people in the world. For anyone who finds it hard to unwind after a heavy day then we have to say that this information probably won’t come as too much of a surprise. 

So if you’re one of the millions searching for a way to ease the pain, it may well surprise you to hear that shooting is considered by many to be a highly effective stress buster.

Not quite ready to buy into the theory? Then consider the following:

  • Shooting is akin to meditation: Focusing on a target, concentrating on nothing but that tiny space in front of you…? Without even realizing it you’ve just managed to clear your mind of all that never-ending “chatter,” allowing you to center solely on the job in hand. If you’ve ever attempted meditation you’ll know that the skill has similar goals. Heading to the range is to leave all the stresses of the world outside, allowing for that hallowed time where all you need to be aware of is yourself and the efforts of the task in hand.
  • Shooting is an adrenaline buzz: Adrenaline is a hormone that’s closely associated with stress. When you experience a surge in adrenaline it has a chain reaction that causes the smooth muscles within the body to relax. This, in turn, can have a direct impact on lowering how stressed you feel—not at the time, but after the event.
  • Shooting improves mental focus: Handling and shooting a gun requires discipline. When on the range you’re continually developing skills, such as being aware of your surroundings, controlling your emotions, and concentrating on your breathing. These skills don’t disappear when you lock your gun away, they continue with you in everyday life. The very fact of having increased mental focus allows you to manage stress more appropriately, leading to a deeper understanding of your psyche and the personal benefits this brings.
  • Shooting makes you more confident: The sheer responsibility of handling and using a lethal weapon can have a positive effect on confidence levels. Stress and anxiety go hand in hand, and a lack of confidence is often a key cause of them spiraling out of control. So to enjoy time at the shooting range is to boost your self-esteem, which in turn plays a real part in controlling how stress affects your life.

Of course, attending a gun range for the first time can be a stressful event in itself. That’s why for beginners it’s essential to choose your center with care, not to mention signing up for a course of gun classes. Delray Shooting Center is the premier weapons destination in Palm Beach and a location where you can be assured of the ultimate in equipment, instruction, and advice, no matter what level of shooter you might be.

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